Business Expert


Primarly as you know in Iran all kinds of quality of saffron can be found for a good price cause of being straight from the source …


All kinds of handicrafts , hand made in Iran, and hand picked by our experts to get the best quality …


Some of highest quality marble mines are available in iran …


As Iran is rich in resources, Iranian companies achieve a high level of quality in the production of bricks at a reasonable price…


Business Trip

In the business trip, we provide all the essential services for attending international events such as registration, visa application, hotel reservations, airline tickets, business appointments, and any other services that are required to attend events.


We are experienced

We strive to turn the event into a good experience for you. We have gained a lot of experience in the period of our activity in the field of events, we have tried many methods and gained many successes. We can now provide these experiences.

Ecotourism in Iran

Hollanddistribution has been established to provide innovative and innovative travel services in Iran, having a valuable and long experience in business knowledge


Our mission

One of our most important missions is real customer support, because we believe that respecting our customers’ rights and providing the right service is one of the main points of survival in today’s business world.

Marketing of the Iranian Business in the Netherlands

Research marketing seek to identify and compile information that offers better opportunities in the delivery and delivery of certain goods or services, or the problems and threats posed by the marketing of certain goods or services and the solutions to problems Offers. Market studies are vital for businesses and businesses. In this way, companies can use a new business opportunity and increase their current customers. Understanding the weaknesses in the market insures client satisfaction and provides effective marketing efforts for customers. Market studies can provide information on the market position of competitors, which will increase competitive power and increase firm profits.



  • Get customer information and achieve market sharing
  • Identify the features of the ideal products from the customer’s perspective
  • Review shopping behavior
  • Analysis of TOWS matrix (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of the company’s products
  • Compare products with rivals
  • Compare products with rivals
  • Evaluating buying preferences and brand strength in the minds of customers
  • Assessment of effective sales and distribution methods of products
  • Pricing products based on market behavior
  • The most effective promotional and promotional methods
  • Receive customer emotional information
  • The desire to buy
  • Demand forecasting