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At hollanddistribution we work together with a small team of experts on international trade, who know how to trade without having to worry about borders and sanctions. We work together with some of the most skilful producers to make sure our clients get high quality at a fair price. As our team consists of several industry experts with broad networks we are able to acquire all kinds of Iranian goods, and organize business trips across many different sectors. Furthermore does our team have a broad network in several sectors such as agriculture, poultry, life stock, agriculture, research institutes and tourism.


Chris Polmans


I am a professional generalist with broad knowledge and experience in the fields of Management, Organizational Psychology, Motivation, Human Resources, Strategy, Process management, Consultancy, Networking, Law, and Organizational knowledge in general

CEO /Co-Founder
Strategic Management Expert

Omid Asgari


I am a passionate neurobranding strategist who has passion contribute to the body of marketing knowledge. I have a passion for developing concepts, consulting and training at the intersection of marketing and communications from the neuroscience perspective for startups, SMEs, and big businesses. I’m an active member of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) who is founder and CEO of DCG Lab

Chief Neurobranding Officer (COO)
Neurobranding Strategist


Vahid Asgari

Chief Export Officer (CEO)
System Analysis Expert

Teun van Ool

Back-Office Support

Beer Lutgens 

Chief Support Officer (CSO)

Amirhossein Farjami

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
IOT Expert

Hadi Salahi

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Financial Management Expert

Zahra Hosseini

Customer Support Officer (CSO)


What brought us together was our mutual interest in learning from the best practices different countries have to offer, and the access people should have to get the best products from around the world. As sanctions make trading with Iran difficult, we help to make trading possible, leading to borderless trade without bothers.

our mission

We believe that every country has a form of competitive advantage, and we see it as our mission to help people from abroad to tap into this competitive advantage

our mission

Knowledge should be free to travel across borders, and in stead of reinventing the wheel, we should learn from each other and have access to the best practices and products from different countries.

Our Partners


Holland Distribution is a company established in both the Netherlands and Iran. The power of Holland Distribution is that it does trading in both ways, from Iran to Europe and from Europe to Iran, with experts of the industry and of trading itself.

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