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The Dutch-Iranian expert. The one stop shop for all Iranian inquiries.

Holland Distribution is a Dutch company, established both in the Netherlands and Iran, so we can serve our customers locally with local expertise, and get them the right products which we personally source.

What ِDo we Do?

Acting globally, thinking locally

Next to having local experts in both countries, one of our strengths is that we do business in both ways. Therefore we are close to the fire and are able to keep a close eye on both markets. This allows us to make sure our customers get exactly what they need. Good quality, for a good price.

Doing business in both directions

Holland distribution was found by the collaboration of a Dutch guy and an Iranian guy, who both are experts in international trading and sourcing. This allows us to understand both markets, and know exactly what our customers need and how to get it.

Doing business in both directions

As we work with a team of experts in international business and cross-border trading we are able to help our Iranian partners to expand their business internationally by selling to the European market. Also do we help our Dutch customers to acquire the finest products from Iran according to their individual requirements. The other way around, we help our Iranian customers to acquire European products of high quality

Business and inspiration trips

Our activities don’t stop with trading. Thanks to our local networks and the many years of experience amongst our team members on doing business locally, we are able to open markets for our clients and help them to explore and learn from foreign countries. Where we make a difference, is that we don’t just show the sector to our customers, but we actually help them to enter the market or get the right knowledge or products from that sector as well, as we know that international trading can be difficult, especially with Iran. Holland Distribution helps to overcome these hurdles, leading to what we call borderless trading. Stop bothering, and let us help you to overcome the hurdles.

Business and inspiration trips

When you want to explore a certain sector in Iran or in the Netherlands, we are able to open these doors and show you the possibilities which the market can offer. We believe that every country has a form of competitive advantage, and we see it as our mission to help people from abroad to tap into this competitive advantage.

The distribution power of the Netherlands is that it trades on both sides, from Iran to Europe and from Europe to Iran, with its industry and trade experts. Now it has started its business with four products, saffron, handicrafts, marble and building bricks.


 Primarly as you know in Iran all kinds of quality of saffron can be found for a good price cause of being straight from the source …



All kinds of handicrafts , hand made in Iran, and hand picked by our experts to get the best quality …



Some of highest quality marble mines are available in iran …more…


As Iran is rich in resources, Iranian companies achieve a high level of quality in the production of bricks at a reasonable price…more…

Business trips

The information you will find on our website includes: the time and place of major events in the Netherlands and Europe, the brief introduction of each event initially and the full description of the event in the next page of the event, more…


Today, a new trend in tourism is ecotourism phenomenon. Iran is a country with a very different nature, mountains, lakes, caves, ¬ forests, the particular species of plant, mineral waters and numerous islands in the southern and northern beaches. All this has made Iran an attractive country for those who want to visit the new attraction, they become exciting and unforgettable.to engage in swimming and water skiing, more…

For each marketing manager, the brand manager, the advertising manager, and even any entrepreneurship, needs marketing research to deliver and sell their products and services and realize other marketing goals that are in place. Hollanddistribution is doing business marketing research for business executives. more…

We help businesses to explore the Iranian market and acquire Iranian goods.


.Setting up your business in Holland?

The Netherlands has always been a major trading center with a very open economy. And as a highly developed country, it’s for companies and individuals who want to set up a business or live in here. But there are good reasons to set up your business in the Netherlands.

In Europe, we focus on 4 sectors. marble, saffron, handicrafts, and bricks.

In Iran, we focus on 4 different sectors. Agriculture

On top of that do we help and consult our customers to expand their business in other fields too, depending on their personal needs.

Holland Distribution is THE solution partner for European companies trying to obtain Iranian goods