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The Dutch-Persian business expert. The one stop shop for all Middle Eastern and Central Asian inquiries. Holland Distribution is a Dutch company, established both in the Netherlands, and in several Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, so we can serve our customers locally with local expertise, and get them the right products which we personally source.

Furthermore, Holland Distribution also helps you to enter foreign markets, analyse foreign markets, and establish yourself in these local markets.

What ِDo we Do?

Services: Holland Distribution provides several services. We help you to enter foreign markets, perform location analysis and help you with decision making and problem solving on international problems related to market selection. Lastly, we also provide help with your marketing and international distribution.

Products: High quality Persian and Middle Eastern and Central Asian products straight from the source, directly delivered to the Netherlands from where it is distributed.

Holland Distribution is found by a Dutch – Iranian team dedicated to bring the highest quality products in the world to the EU market.

Therefore we are able to offer the highest quality products for a very competitive price.

We focus on marble, saffron, handicrafts, nuts and spices. However, we can also help you to import products you are looking for by reviewing local suppliers based on your criteria.

Trips: We help you to explore foreign markets by organizing business trips and trading missions. This way we help with matchmaking and deal closing. These business trips are not only aimed at local products, as we also help you to enter foreign markets and utilize the strenghts of foreign markets back home.

Unique features: Holland Distribution makes use of a unique database created over the last 20 years to best advise you on your international decisions for market selection and international growth. Besides, we combine this with our unique VCW methodology to best advise you on where to do business, where to source, where to locate yourself, and how to position yourself in the market.




The distribution power of Holland Distribution is that we trade in all directions, from and between Central Asia and the Middle East to Europe,  and from Europe to The Middle East and Central Asia. We do this using our local teams of industry and trade experts, making sure you get high quality products straight from the source, for a decent price.

We can help our customers sourcing most products in these local markets thanks to our approach and network. However, we have started distributing Saffron and Marble ourselves.


Saffron is made from the stamens of the Crocus sativus, commonly known as the “Saffron crocus”. These flowers are handpicked, after which the stamens are also extracted from the flower by hand. This is why saffron is so expensive…



All kinds of handicrafts , hand made in Persia, and hand picked by our experts to get the best quality …



Holland Distribution has visited over 80 marble quaries to select the best quality marble which the Persian Empire has to offer for you. We can deliver this marble either in bricks, sheets, half fabricates or finished products.…more…


Business trips

We understand that it can be difficult to do business with an other country, and that establishing this is a costly and time consuming activity. Also can entering a foreign market bring several problems, such as how to decide what country to do business with, how to select the right partners, finding suitable partners and understanding how to approach local culture. Therefore we help offer our services in helping you to find suitable partners to work with and to outsource to. Also do we provide location studies to decide what country to enter and how to do so. As communication with foreign countries might be tough, and as you need to know the right people, communication style and cultural habits, we would like to help you by taking the burden of searching, screening and selecting partners of your shoulders. We do this by carrying out this process for you based on YOUR personal filters and criteria, and based on OUR unique methodology.

Within the DCG Team, we have experts on Outsourcing and Decision Making in Supply Chain Management who have carried out many searching and selection processes for multinationals, who can help you with their unique and researched methodologies to find the right partner to do business with, or to outsource your service or production to.

In order to help you to enter new markets or acquire products from foreign markets Holland Distribution offers several services.

First of all we help you with decision making, so you can select the right countries to do business with. We do this using YOUR filters, and OUR unique methodology, developed at the VCW Knowledge Center at the NOVA University in Portugal. To help you selecting the right key success criteria we closely work together with the International Trade and Investment Center (ITIC Global) which has a lot of experience with location studies and advice on where to outsource to, where to place your business unit, shared service center, head quarter or distribution center. Thanks to this collaboration we have access to a unique database giving you insight in all the criteria you will ever need to decide where to go. Thanks to our experience and knowledge dealing with Central Asia and the Middle East, our co-founders represent within ITIC Global these same regions. ITIC Global is found by a team of experts with many years of experience in internationalization, lead generation and deal making. ITIC has a lot of experience in location advice, as it was started by former partners and employees at EY where they have been doing these location studies for about 15 years.

After you have decided where to go we help you with advice how to best enter the local market. This means we help you with your strategy and with finding your unique value proposition and marketing it.

Logically we do not leave you stranded with merely an advice. We will also help you with how to execute this, as we can help with marketing advice on how to position yourself, how to change your product, packaging and message to the local community. To do this we work closely together with DCG Lab, which is a Neuro Marketing consulting team who has their own neuro laboratory. As this organisation belongs to our co-founder, we Ensure a good integration in our advice.


In Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia

Closing Deals

The Netherlands has always been a major trading center with a very open economy. And as a highly developed country, it’s for companies and individuals who want to set up a business or live in here. But there are good reasons to set up your business in the Netherlands.

In Europe, we focus on 3 sectors. Marble, saffron, and handicrafts.

In the Middle East and Central Asia, we focus on the Agricultural sector.

On top of that we help and consult our customers to expand their business internationally in other fields too, depending on their personal needs.

We help businesses to explore the Middle Eastern and Persian market and acquire Local goods.

Holland Distribution is THE solution partner for European companies trying to obtain Middle Eastern and Central Asian goods