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The Dutch-Iranian expert. The one stop shop for all Iranian inquiries.Holland Distribution is a Dutch company, established both in the Netherlands and Iran, so we can serve our customers locally with local expertise, and get them the right products which we personally source.

What ِDo we Do?

We do marble and saffron, focusing on stone (stone and marble) and nuts and spices.







The distribution power of the Netherlands is that it trades on both sides, from Iran to Europe and from Europe to Iran, with its industry and trade experts.

Now it has started its business with four products, saffron, handicrafts, marble and building bricks.


Primarly as you know in Iran all kinds of quality of saffron can be found for a good price cause of being straight from the source …more…


All kinds of handicrafts , hand made in Iran, and hand picked by our experts to get the best quality …



Some of highest quality marble mines are available in iran …more…


As Iran is rich in resources, Iranian companies achieve a high level of quality in the production of bricks at a reasonable price…more…

Business trips

We understand that it can be difficult to do business with an other country and that establishing this is a costly and time consuming activity. Therefore we help offer our services in helping you to find suitable partners to work with and to outsource to in Estonia. As communication with foreign countries might be tough, and as you need to know the right people, communication style and cultural habits, we would like to help you by taking the burden of searching, screening and selecting partners of your shoulders. We do this by carrying out this process for you based on YOUR personal filters and criteria, and based on OUR unique methodology.

Within the DCG Team, we have experts on Outsourcing and Decision Making in Supply Chain Management who have carried out many searching and selection processes for multinationals, who can help you with their unique and researched methodologies to find the right partner to do business with or to outsource your service or production to.., more…


Today, a new trend in tourism is ecotourism phenomenon. Iran is a country with a very different nature, mountains, lakes, caves, ¬ forests, the particular species of plant, mineral waters and numerous islands in the southern and northern beaches. All this has made Iran an attractive country for those who want to visit the new attraction, they become exciting and unforgettable.to engage in swimming and water skiing, more…

For each marketing manager, the brand manager, the advertising manager, and even any entrepreneurship, needs marketing research to deliver and sell their products and services and realize other marketing goals that are in place. Hollanddistribution is doing business marketing research for business executives. more…


business in Holland?

Setting up your

The Netherlands has always been a major trading center with a very open economy. And as a highly developed country, it’s for companies and individuals who want to set up a business or live in here. But there are good reasons to set up your business in the Netherlands.

In Europe, we focus on 4 sectors. marble, saffron, handicrafts, and bricks.

In Iran, we focus on 4 different sectors. Agriculture

On top of that do we help and consult our customers to expand their business in other fields too, depending on their personal needs.

We help businesses to explore the Iranian market and acquire Iranian goods.

Holland Distribution is THE solution partner for European companies trying to obtain Iranian goods